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Business consulting
It is almost 40 years now that we see insolvency management as a chance for deep restructuring.

Insolvency administration
Our work in the field of insolvencies often drastically shows us which mistakes lead companies into the off. This helps us to identify weaknesses in still healthy enterprises and counteract their demise. Based on our competency in corporate law we facilitate the execution of necessary changes. The often high complexity of the cases requires the collaboration of different subject experts.

Law does not exist for its own sake; it has to serve the people. It provides the enforcement of justified interests. In the past four decades we earned a reputation for pursuing the matters of our clients with high expertise and outstanding engagement.

Tax advice
Almost every part of our lives is covered fiscally today. For more than 30 years we’ve been working in-house and interdisciplinary based on our own taxation law expertise. Tax avoidance and optimization from company acquisition to anticipated succession are challenges our tax experts face on a constant basis.



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