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Hubert Belser
Public administration graduate


  • Insolvency administration
  • Accounting

Your man for the numbers with a tendency to perfectionism

The focus of Mr. Belser’s work is insolvency administration assistance with a specialization on asset valuation and insolvency balance sheets, evaluation and management of security rights, creation of final reports and bills as well as refund applications.

Professional qualification

  • Certified insolvency accountant
  • Audited specialist in financial accounting

Curriculum vitae

  • Education in the higher non-technical civil service
  • Studies and graduation from the school for public administration in Haigerloch (Germany)
  • Treasurer of the town Fluorn-Winzeln
  • At Haischer & Partner GbR since 2003

Honorary engagement

  • Member of the board in the social community (former nursing care association) of Villingendorf



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