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Commercial and corporate law

Our clients highly profit from decades of experience that we were able to gain in our roles as temporary managers in our main areas – insolvencies and restructuring.
As issues in corporate law are almost always linked to other areas – mostly tax, family and inheritance law – we work across disciplines. Our clients can leverage on all our key qualifications and fall back on our whole team.
We advise players from all business areas: From small entrepreneurs to internationally oriented mid-size companies to traders and freelancers across all industries as well as manufacturers and service providers. Furthermore we provide guidance from the foundation of a company to changes in the shareholder structure and other restructuring actions to the final termination of business activities. Acquisition and divestment operations can be supported from our side based on our experience from the area of restructuring and restoration.

Our services:

  • BConsulting and representation in company foundation – identification of the optimal enterprise type considering business, tax and legal perspectives
  • Creation of solutions under company law, e.g. by merging or splitting before a company succession
  • Support in cases of business succession, acquisition and sale; (see Merger&Acquisition/Joint Ventures)
  • Legal advice and representation in all corporate liability questions
  • Legal advice and representation in conflict situations between shareholders


Heil Christof
Christof Heil

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