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Out-of-court restructuring

The aim of out-of-court restructuring is to restore the profitability of a company.

Besides a deep economic analysis and the development of future-proof ideas for products or services, it also requires hands-on execution based on business experience and legal know-how.

How do I restructure my debt? How do I reorganize my employees? How do I build new and sustainable relationships to customers and suppliers? Do I need new shareholders?

Companies which seek for advice before the liquidity crisis instead of waiting until it’s too late, have considerable chances of getting back on the profitability track with our support.

We develop the concept for your upcoming changes and help you to create the necessary presentation which you will need to convince banks, suppliers and clients that you will still be a quality-oriented and reliable partner for them in the future.


Haischer Klaus
Klaus Haischer

Zschocke Christian
Christian Zschocke



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