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Purchase, leasing, loan, work and services contract law

Purchase law ↓ ↑

Purchase contracts are made on a daily basis. In the process, the following questions might come up and we will happily be at your disposal for a personal consultation:
  • Occurrence of a contract
  • Rights and obligations
  • Contestation
  • Warranty and burden of proof
  • Delay and limitation
  • Impossibility of provision of services
  • Compensation
  • General terms and conditions
  • Internet purchase
  • Particularities of motor vehicle purchases
  • Special situation of doorstep and distance selling contracts

Leasing ↓ ↑

Leasing is still on the rise with two types to be distinguished:
On the one hand, there’s operative leasing which means the temporary transfer of the leasing object from a producer to the leasing receiver, often through a leasing company as the middleman.
On the other hand, there’s finance leasing where the object is transferred for an indefinite period. Mostly, the leasing receiver gets the option to extend the contract for any desired timeframe or to purchase the object under offsetting of the already paid lease.
We gladly advise you in all related legal problems like for example:

  • VContract conclusion
  • Right of revocation and termination
  • Warranty
  • Early return of the leased object
  • Purchase right

Loan ↓ ↑

We’re at your disposal for all legal isssues around loans.
Please contact us with your question.

Trouble with craftsmen? The client doesn’t pay

In a work or service contract the contractor owes the delivery of a value, meaning the creation of a certain success. In exchange, he/she gets the agreed payment. The value can be an object or an immaterial work product (e.g. computer program). Therefore, the area of focus is not on a service provision but the creation of a work piece.
Legal advice is essential in case of deficiencies but also when a customer doesn’t pay. No matter if we’re talking about construction work, repairs, manual artisan work (e.g. furniture production, installation of technical systems), transport services (e.g. taxi ride), creation of art pieces (e.g. paintings or sculptures) or the preparation of expert reports and plans – it’s crucial that your rights are claimed correctly! Often, an extrajudicial settlement is possible but we’re also representing you competently when a legal dispute is unavoidable.

Distinction from other legal fields ↓ ↑

The work and services contract has to be distinguished especially from the employment and the purchase contract. In special cases, there is also overlap with construction contracts, contracts for labor and materials, transportation contracts, travel contracts, agency agreements, engineering contract and other mixed contracts. The correct legal classification is essential for exercising your rights as completely as possible.

Advisory and representation at the contract conclusion ↓ ↑

Already at the creation of the contract, we can set the right paths. Which performance is owed? When has the value to be delivered? Which costs accrue and who covers them? What if the outcome is different from the agreement? Who is responsible for what? Can the contract be terminated and if yes, how? When are which payments due?

Enforcement of and defense against claims of the provider (e.g. payment claims) and the purchaser (e.g. warranty claims) ↓ ↑

It’s not only the correct legal classification but also the success-oriented persecution of your claims respectively the successful defense against counterclaims that require legal support.

Katja Güler

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